Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

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Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

Job Overview

Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021 , the assigned transporter of the Sultanate of Oman, is an organization focused on the fundamental reason for giving protected, dependable and beneficial air transport administrations for travelers and payload just as other aeronautics related administrations in Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021.

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Oman Airlines has built a reputation as a strong and competitive leader in the aviation industry. We are committed to recruiting and nurturing bright and dynamic individuals to meet our manpower needs In the new millennium, our mission is to seek new ways to develop also, advance our situation as a pioneer in flight greatness.

A career that will take you all over the world! Being part of our elite team of flight attendants, for new people and the pleasure of experiencing a new culture and bringing excellent customer service, our rigorous selection process is an excellent training program with an attractive reward package that can also be expected.

Job Details of Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021
Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

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  • Company / Organization: Oman Airlines
  • Job Location: Oman Mascot
  • Job Type: Full time Employment
  • Nationality: Any Nationality can Apply
  • Educational Qualification : High School (for Cleaner ) Bachelor | Degree | Diploma
  • Salary: undisclosed
  • Benefits: Attractive Benefits provided by airline
  • Experience: Minimum 1 to 2 years in related fields
  • Application: Online application Can accepted
  • Interview: Walk in Interview | Agencies Selection
  • Vacancy Deadline: Not Applicable (Will know from official website)

Available Jobs in Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

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Job TitlesJob LocationAction
Supervisor – Media and Corporate Correspondence. Interchanges GMAMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Turnaround and Burden Control. InclineMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Official – VesselMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Organizer – Payload PullerMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Lodge Orderly , Lodge Group ActivitiesMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – PushbackMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Pushback and GSE CoachMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – Production network The boardMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Visual PlannerMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Official – MeasurementsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – Corpoarate Correspondences and MediaMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – Change The executives Office (CMO)Muscat, OMANView & Apply
Associate Chief – Foundation (ICT)Muscat, OMANView & Apply
Aide Administrator – Application The executives (ICT)Muscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – PivotMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Business OverseerMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Obligation Chief – Ground Activity Control CenterMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Organization and Work area Specialist (ICT)Muscat, OMANView & Apply
Official – GSEW StoreMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – Data and Correspondence InnovationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – Food CreationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – ActivitiesMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – MoneyMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – HR and OrganizationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – Store network The boardMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – Learning and AdvancementMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – Data InnovationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – BusinessMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Obligation Administrator – Providing food ActivitiesMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Official – Wellbeing and SecurityMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Head Culinary specialist – Bread kitchen and CakeMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Head CookMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Top assistant ChefMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Administrator – Quality ConfirmationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Food and DrinkMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Cook de PartieMuscat, OMANView & Apply
CookMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Right hand Inflight Cooking – Food CreationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Right hand Inflight Cooking – ActivitiesMuscat, OMANView & Apply
VendorMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Hardware AdministratorMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Quality AffirmationMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Learning and ImprovementMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – PushbackMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Airplane Lodge AppearanceMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – CoverMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Chief – Execution The boardMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Official – HSEMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Official – Ground SecurityMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Official – MoneyMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – OutstationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – Ground Administration Gear WorkshopMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Ranking director – AccountMuscat, OMANView & Apply
VP – Slope AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
VP – Visitor AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Trained professional – Web-based MediaMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Official – CoverMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Official – Visitor AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Manager – Airplane Lodge AppearanceMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Supervsior – TransportMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Organizer – Asset Allocator. Visitor AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Senior Specialist – Visitor AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Specialist – Things Dealing with AdministrationsMuscat, OMANView & Apply
Specialist – Visitor Administrations. DuqumMuscat, OMANView & Apply

How to Apply for Oman air careers vacancies in Muscat Airport jobs 2021

  • First of all Click above listed job (View & Apply)
  • Or Visit Oman Air Official Website by Clicking here
  • Search job from Left site Job Search Section
  • Select Job Titles
  • Read Description and requirements
  • Click Apply This Job Section
  • Fill up information there
  • Finally Click Submit Application Section

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