Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto for international students

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International students in Canada have the option to do Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto that will help them meet their education and living expenses to some extent.

Other than that, getting help is a valuable Canadian workplace experience, a helpful, future career.

Canadian study permit holders can work up to 20 hours a week. However, students enrolled in difficult or intensive courses can choose a maximum working time of 12 hours per week, so that the work does not affect their studies.

Students are paid hourly for their part-time work. The average salary is about $ 10 an hour. In order to work part-time off-campus, you need to obtain an off-campus work permit after completing half a year of study.

The Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto for International Student

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Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto
Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto

The alternative to work low maintenance is a gift for some global understudies as it assists them with meeting the expense of concentrating abroad. You can’t work full-time, so it would be great if you could choose a part-time job that offers better wages and flexible working hours.

A Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto offers great flexibility so that you can set your own schedule to complete the job Also a part-time job helps you to gain important work experience even when you are studying.

Here are some of the best part-time jobs in Canada for international students:

1- Teacher’s assistant – Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto

Many teachers and professors in Canada hire teacher assistants who can help with a variety of tasks, including tutoring students, devising lesson plans, updating documents, and student grades.

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These students with at least one year of experience and organizational skills in universities and colleges make it easier to get a job and work as a teacher’s assistant.

  • Salary: $15.65 per hour

2- Tutor

If you are interested in a particular subject and love to teach, tutor is the best part-time job for you. You can choose to teach students up to the university / university level, starting with elementary school level students.

You can teach independently or work as part of a tutor program. Tutoring gives you the opportunity to practice the skills you already have and develop new ones.

  • Salary:$15.00 to$20.00 per hour

3- Server/Bartender

Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto: Servers and bartenders are jobs that students usually take because their working hours are flexible. Usually the work will be on weekdays, evenings and weekends. The hourly rate is not much, but you can get a considerable amount of money as a tip from the customer.

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How much you earn depends entirely on the working time and day established. Usually the bartender / server earns between $ 75.00 and $ 200.00 with tips per night.

  • Salary: $ 11.00 per hour (plus tips)

4- Barista

If you love working in a fun environment, there is no better place than a coffee shop to choose. Flexible working hours are an additional advantage other than a decent salary.

  • Salary: 11.41 million yen / hour

5 – Uber Driver

Uber driver has become a mainstream low maintenance work among worldwide understudies in Canada. To work as an Uber driver, the student must be at least 21 years old and have a car and a smartphone.

The most profitable working time is early morning, evening and weekend. How much you earn depends on how often you drive.

  • Salary: $ 14.00 to$25.58 per hour

6- Freelancer

As a student, freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer take on other freelancers who have jobs and their studies. Some freelance jobs offer great compensation.

  • Salary: :$25.60 / hour

7- Babysitter

If you enjoy being with kids and have some experience in taking care of them, nanny is a great part-time nanny for you The tasks that must be done are picking up kids from school, being with them at home, preparing meals for them, putting them to sleep, and more benefits are flexible.

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You can choose to do your homework while the kids rest. Those with a CPR declaration have a higher possibility of getting put as a babysitter.

  • Salary: $14.67 per hour

8- Dog Walker

Are you a dog lover? Think about how great it is to be paid to mingle with a dog! The work is relatively flexible so that dog walkers can work on-call. The advantage of the work is that the commitment of the time required is very small.

You may need to walk the dog during a maximum of 30 to 60 minutes. If the owner wants to stay away for a certain number of days, then the pet can also sit and provide services.

  • Salary: $ 14.16 an hour

9- Translators

If you can speak, read and write in multiple languages, translation can be an ideal skill that you can choose. You can choose to work independently or provide your services to the organization.

  • Salary: $ 21.16 an hour

10 – Salesman

Top 10 Highest Paying part-time jobs in Canada Toronto : If you are good at talking to people and convincing them, a salesperson is the right job for you. Working as a salesperson may also help you gain some additional skills.

However, how much you will earn depends entirely on the case. Some salesperson jobs are commission-based and these will help you have more control of your income. The more you sell, the more you can earn.

  • Salary: $ 12.42 to$50.00

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